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Top 10 Intelligent Transport Systems Solution Companies - 2021

The continuous evolution and development of the transport industry are demanding rapid advancement in vehicle performance and efficiency. Intelligent Transportation System is one of such advancements that help improve safety, mobility and efficiency. These systems are used in rail, water, and air transport and navigation systems. ITS is integrated with IoT sensors to collect information in real-time and communicate with other devices and systems. This data is then applied in a variety of ways; for instance, environmental sensors and digital weather systems can warn a driver about a stretch of road with icy patches they are about to enter.

When implemented at municipal levels, ITS can be used to communicate information about road conditions to a centralized traffic system, which can then be used to make adjustments, change traffic signals and better direct traffic. Businesses can also use this data to better their logistics operations. Other smart systems can be integrated with ITS to improve traffic flow, lower transportation costs, increase business activity, and enhance safety. ITS can also be used to reduce CO2 emissions by using a smart traffic controller. And with 5G technology rolling out over the next few years, ITS will be able to better communicate with IoT devices in a more reliable and faster manner.

 At this juncture, there is a wide variety of solution providers entering the industry with a set of advanced intelligent transport systems. To help companies navigate through the best-ofbreed intelligent transport systems, Logistics and Transportation Review has compiled a list of ‘Top 10 Intelligent Transport Systems Solution Providers – 2021.’ The enlisted organizations offer solutions powered by the latest advancements in computer, information, and telecommunications technology to make driving safe and easy. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Logistics and Transportation Review’s “Top 10 Intelligent Transport Systems Solution Providers – 2021.”  

    Top Intelligent Transport Systems Solution Companies

  • Orion’s voice-first, intelligent collaboration platform drives digital transformation for transportation operations and their frontline workforce with its real-time communication, dispatch capability, advanced location services, and process automation


  • Alpega Group

    Alpega Group

    PI Listing- 2021 Projects PI Listing- 2021 Projects 100% 10 C4 Alpega Group is a leading global logistics software company with over 35 years of experience in transportation Screen reader support enabled. Alpega Group is a leading global logistics software company with over 35 years of experience in transportation Turn on screen reader support

  • BluJay Solutions

    BluJay Solutions

    BluJay empowers to optimize company’s future in the global economy. BluJay empowers to optimize company’s future in the global economy

  • Cubic


    Cubic is a technology-driven, market-leading provider of integrated solutions that increase situational understanding for transportation, defense C4ISR and training customers worldwide to decrease urban congestion and improve the militaries’ effectiveness and operational readiness

  • E2open


    E2open is a leading network-based provider of 100% cloud-based, mission-critical, end-to-end supply chain management software.

  • Kapsch Group

    Kapsch Group

    The Kapsch Group is a globally operating technology corporation headquartered in Vienna. The company's areas of expertise – digitalization and mobility – are addressed via two business units that offer end-to-end solutions along the entire value chain

  • MercuryGate


    The MercuryGate TMS simplifies and centralizes the management of freight transportation within a single software platform to save time and money for shippers, 3PLs, brokers and carriers around the world

  • TransCore


    For more than 80 years, TransCore has led the industry in delivering innovative products and services to transportation departments and agencies across the globe

  • Transplace


    Transplace powers one of the largest managed transportation and logistics network in the world with over $11 billion of Freight Under Management (FUM) and 62,000 unique users on our platform

  • Trimble


    Trimble industrial technology solutions connect the physical and digital worlds to help solve complex industry challenges around the world